Thursday, December 3, 2009

Paradiso's MIX!

My first mix CD exchange is COMPLETE. Here's the CD I made for Nick. He was first, mainly because he was the first to say "YO! I made your CDs! What's your address?"

Yes, CDS plural. Nick couldn't fit his mix onto just ONE cd, so he made a 6! And what's even more wild is the way he organized the music. From Rufus Wainwright to Marilyn Manson in the blink of an eye, listening to the collection over the past couple days has been a pretty wild trip. One disc even starts with a Britney Spears classic, something I can't say I was anticipating. It's kept me entertained while I work not knowing what could possibly come next.

Anyone who knows this guy... No, anyone who has SEEN this guy or his car knows he is a Dave Matthews Band fan. If the fire dancer on his car doesn't give it away, the one tattooed to his leg should. We'd talked about music a bit, so I got a small idea of what he already had or might be in to and tried to build a fun CD around things I thought he may not have heard before. And, of course, threw in a DMB remix at the end for good measure. The following is a little playlist sample of some of the songs I thought he may not have already had that I included on Nick's cd. Enjoy! :)

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